About Us

In homes across Australia, 4 million candles are burned every year to create relaxing and welcoming home environments. The problem is, most are single-use and made with containers that can’t be recycled. That’s over three thousand tonnes of containers cluttering up homes, and inevitably ending up in landfill.

With a strong focus on natural materials, zero landfill, and container reuse, they started CandleXchange in 2021 and Hayley began hand-pouring pure soy candles and exploring fragrances inspired by the native Australian landscape.

With deliciously natural, down-to-earth scents, CandleXchange allows you to create a welcoming home environment without resorting to toxic chemicals or creating a mountain of waste.

Every time you create a natural and luxurious home ambience with the CandleXchange ‘Return & Swap’ range, you’re stopping up to 1kg of non-recyclable containers from entering landfill.

With your help, we plan to prevent 1 million containers and 100 tonnes of packaging waste from entering landfill by 2030.

How it works

To create a wonderful home ambience the natural & sustainable way, simply:

1. Choose your fragrance

2. Use your fragrance and enjoy creating a wonderful home ambience

3. When complete, return the empty container in the post or in a participating store. Please keep your lid to reuse with your new fragrance.

4. Save 30% on your next fragrance and start again 

5. CandleXchange reuse the containers to make new fragrances.

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CandleXchange Founders

Hayley Clarke and Karen Platt have turned to candles as a way of creating a relaxing home ambience as well as masking household smells.

When they became frustrated with the clutter and waste from empty containers, they knew a more sustainable solution was needed.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to foster sustainability by reducing landfill waste with our return and swap model and supporting domestic violence survivors and refugees through our UpCandle program.

The journey to fulfilling this purpose has qualified CandleXchange as a Certified Social Enterprise by Social Traders.

Our Mission

In the future, we believe reuse will be part of daily life, making the luxury of home fragrances both better value and lighter on the planet.

Through our unique ‘Return & Swap’ system, our mission is to make the luxury of home fragrances more affordable, zero landfill and accessible for everyone.

Our Goal

We aim to prevent one million single-use home fragrance containers and 100 tonnes of packaging waste from entering landfill by 2030.

Our UpCandle program also helps us extend the life of containers which cannot be recycled. When you return your empty candle containers from other brands, we will refill them and donate them to survivors of domestic violence.

We’re on track! Thanks to our amazing return & swap customers we’ve already saved over 3500 containers from entering landfill.

Our Values

Zero Landfill - we strive to bring luxury fragrances to your home that not only avoid your waste bin, but are created in a way that our supply chain is also not contributing to landfill.

Natural Materials - we source the best quality natural materials to bring the best quality fragrances to your home.

Transparency - we commit to always being honest and transparent, about the good and the bad.

Making Reuse Easy - we know reuse is a new way of consuming so we endeavour to make it as easy as possible for you to continue doing the right thing.