Frequently Asked Questions

    • 100% natural soy wax
    • High quality pre-tabbed wicks that are zinc and lead free and acid resistant. Constructed of a cotton flat braid, with paper fibres throughout.
    • Our scented candles and diffusers contain a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances. These fragrance materials may be derived from essential oils or from synthetic aroma chemicals. We only use fragrance materials approved for candle use.

    We understand that you may be wondering why we choose to use these ingredients over others, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with some insights.

    We strive to create products that are not only beautiful and functional but also sustainable and healthy for our customers and the environment. One way we achieve this goal is by using essential oils and natural synthetic fragrances in our candles.

    Essential oils are natural plant extracts that offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits, including promoting relaxation and reducing stress. We believe that using these oils in our candles can enhance the overall experience and provide our customers with a holistic sense of well-being. Additionally, essential oils are renewable resources, and we are committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and responsible sourcing practices.

    However, we also understand that using essential oils exclusively can be cost-prohibitive - 1L of Jasmine essential oil cost over $2000 as an example.

    Natural synthetic fragrances, on the other hand, are a more affordable option that allows us to create a wider variety of scents while still maintaining our commitment to using natural and sustainable ingredients.

    These fragrances are made from a combination of natural and synthetic compounds, and we are careful to select only those that are free of harmful chemicals and additives.

    Ultimately, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at an accessible price point. By using a combination of essential oils and natural synthetic fragrances, we are able to offer a wide variety of candle scents that are both affordable and sustainable.

    Our candles using essential oils only include;

    • Citronella, Lavender & Rosemary (Lavadin & Rosemary)
    • Lavender & Rose (Lavadin & Rose Geranium)
    • Lavender & Rosemary (Lavadin & Rosemary)
    • Lemongrass (Lemongrass Cochin)

    Our candles using natural fragrance oils include;

    • Australian Bush
    • Christmas Bush
    • Coconut & Lime
    • Gardenia
    • Jasmine & Mint
    • Mandarin, Lime & Basil
    • Ocean Breeze
    • Pear & Guava
    • Sandalwood, Orange & Vanilla
    • Vanilla & Spice (the cinnamon used is essential oil)

    The mottled texture of natural soy wax compared to paraffin wax is a distinctive characteristic that comes with being a purely natural compound.

    In addition to its unique appearance, natural soy wax offers several benefits. It is a renewable resource, as soybeans are widely cultivated and easily replenished.

    Soy wax burns cleaner and produces less soot than paraffin wax, contributing to better indoor air quality. Furthermore, soy wax is biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

    When poured into our clear glass containers, the soy wax may sometimes appear to be set away from the glass, particularly when stored in cooler climates. However, it's important to note that this does not affect the quality of the burn.

    Our clear glass containers are designed to be reused multiple times (as opposed to tinted or painted glass that is not reusable), and despite the slight separation between the wax and the glass (which happens in all candles), the candles will still provide a high- quality and consistent burn experience.

    The mottled texture of the wax, combined with the reusable nature of our containers, creates a candle that can be enjoyed over and over again, while also reducing landfill waste.

    Soy wax is made from soy beans, which are a renewable crop, and the by-product soy bean husks are biodegradable.

    Paraffin wax is a by-product of the oil industry, which is not renewable and energy intensive to produce.

    That makes Soy wax a big win for the environment!

    Soy wax is actually denser than paraffin wax and burns cooler. That means a soy wax candle will typically burn for longer. In fact, soy wax has been shown to burn 30-50% longer than paraffin wax.

    Longer burning times means better value for money – which is a big win for our hip pocket!

    To ensure the longevity and a quality burn of your candle, we suggest you follow recommended burn times to ensure full burn of your candle.

    300g - 45mins first burn

    400g - 1.5hour first burn

    1.5kg - 2.5hrs first burn

    We do not recommend burning your candle for longer than 4 hours.Soy wax has a memory so if you don’t achieve a full burn, your candle is likely to tunnel.

    The first time you burn your candle, burn the candle long enough so that the wax melts all the way to the side of the candle. The soy wax has a memory and
    will remember where it has burned to when you next light it.

    The black soot is carbon coming off your wick. To avoid this soot, trim your wicks to about 0.5cm before every burn and avoid burning your candles longer
    than 4 hours each time.

    You can swap your candle in store at CandleXchange Balgowlah store, or with partner stockists.

    You can also swap your candle online by selecting SWAP when selecting your candle and we will courier your new candle to your door.

    Then return your empty container using the same packaging and the included pre-paid return label.

    Yes you can! Please choose your new candle and select SWAP used candle. We will refund you 30% of the purchase value of your returned container.

    Yes you can! Please choose your new candle and select SWAP used candle.

    You will find the candle size and fragrance you were gifted on the label on the base of the candle.

    Yes you can!  Just choose ‘Buy New Candle’. When you’re ready to Swap it, take it to our store or any participating stockist

    You’ll get an on-the-spot discount from the purchase price of your new
    candle. You can find a list of our stockists here.

    Yes, you can choose from any fragrance in any container size. The discount on your swap candle is determined by the container you are returning.

    You can swap any candle within the collection. The discount on your swap candle is determined by the container you are returning.

    Yes, we would love your friend to swap their gifted candle to ensure longevity of their gift.

    Sorry, we can’t accept back broken or damaged candles as they are not suitable to be sent to a new home.

    No, we will take care of the cleaning for you.

    We are happy for you to use any reusable bag that can safely transport your candle

    We will take the upmost care of your candle containers (both CandleXchange branded or your own containers), however should an accident occur, we will replace your candle with one of equivalent value.

    There are three common way's to clean a candle container.

    1. Freezing method

    Cold causes wax to harden and shrink, making it easier to remove. Place the candle in the freezer for several hours or until it is frozen. The wax should pop right out of the container, but you can also loosen it with a butter knife if necessary. Scrape off any residue and then clean the container with soap and water. This method is best for ceramic (not glass).

    2. Boiling Water method

    Hot water can also be used to remove wax. Put the candle on a surface protected with a towel or newspaper. Pour boiling water into the container, leaving room at the top. (If your candle is made of a soft wax, such as soy wax, you can use hot water that is not boiling.) The boiling water will melt the wax and it will float to the top. Let the water cool and remove the wax. Strain the water to get rid of any small wax bits. Do not pour wax down the drain. Scrape any remaining wax and clean with soap and water.

    3. Double Boiler method

    Remove as much wax as you can with a butter knife or a spoon. Place the candle inside of a pot or large metal bowl on a heat-safe surface. (You can put a folded dish towel under the candle to keep it from moving in the pot.) Pour boiling water into the pot around the candle, making sure that the water does not get into the candle jar. Let the jar sit in the hot water until the wax has softened. Hold the jar in one hand and use a butter knife to loosen the wax. Remove the container from the water, pop out the wax, and then wash with soap and water.

    Caution should be taken when using hot water or heating wax.

    Simply email and we will ship you new packaging to return your used container.

    Simply email with the tracking ID of your parcel and we will identify any issues. Should the courier be responsible for the lost parcel, we will refund you the difference between your new candle and swap price.

    All refunds will be made directly to credit card or paypal account. We welcome you using this for future purchases.

    If you can't find the answer to your question above, contact us for more information