At CandleXchange, we are excited to build meaningful partnerships that align with our commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Become a CandleXchange Stockist

We are eager to partner with retailers who share our passion for sustainability and wish to stock CandleXchange products.

Brand Partnerships

We seek brand partnerships and corporate allies to collaborate on eco-friendly corporate gifting solutions that make a lasting impact. Our unique team-building workshops and interactive activations are designed to inspire and motivate staff as they transition back to the workplace.

Full sensory experience for your customers

We invite businesses such as hairdressing salons, beauty and nail studios, massage and Yoga and Pilates centres, hotels, and event organisers to enhance their customer experience with our bespoke fragrance solutions.

By incorporating our curated scents, you can create a captivating and memorable ambience that delights the senses and elevates your brand's atmosphere.

Partner with us to offer your clients a full sensory experience, transforming every visit into an extraordinary journey.

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